On Client Communication

It’s hard to run your own law practice, your own business, with all of the moving parts that are needed in order for it to function well and to ultimately allow the owner to live the life he or she has chosen. 

Not too long ago I ran into a client in the lobby of our offices who was there to complain about the services we were providing

 Her. She said that she was not able to speak with me for weeks and that staff members just kept telling her that everything was fine with her matter. This was not enough for her, however, she wanted me to tell her that after all she hired me and not them.

This client’s reaction was a bit stunning considering the difficult nature of her matter and the fact that we had obtained an approval of the underlying petition. However, I saw quickly that she was right! 

Communication with clients is often more important than the result. An attorney can handle a complex matter well and win but if the client felt there was no access to the attorney or sufficient explanation about what was going on then, in their eyes, we have failed to provide the level of service they desired.

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